Theraputic Massage


This is one of the oldest healthcare practices known to history. Although there were periods when massage fell out of favour, in the 1960s it made a comeback as a tool for relaxation, communication and alternative healing.

Whilst massage can be described in terms of the types performed, such as suction massage, sport massage or traditional deep tissue massage, the aim is recovery from injury, either physical or psychological. It is, therefore, widely used in many common ailments including stiffness, stress, pain, inflammation and fibromyalgia.

Our specialist interest is in cupping massage, which entails cups being gently slid over the skin surface while mild suction is applied. The intention is to release knots caused by day today trauma and to improve lymphatic drainage and blood supply. Myofascial release involves the manipulation of connective tissue (fascia/ligaments/tendons) to provide symptomatic relief. Neuromuscular technique targets trigger points using Gua sha with acupressure to enhance clinical recovery.

In our clinic we can tailor such treatments for individuals and may include effleurage (soft tissue technique) with aromatherapy.


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